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Fun Facts About the Super Bowl Trophy

As a Super Bowl fan you should always have some interesting game related information to contribute to the conversation during the game. Well, boring stats and players’ profile info is known to almost every fan but here are some interesting fun facts about the Tiffany & Co.’s Super Bowl trophy replica.

Super Bowl Trophy

It all started with a sketch

The Tiffany & Co. Vice President, Oscar Riedener met the first commissioner of NFLPete Rozelle over lunch to discuss the design of the trophy to be awarded to the “world-champions”. Riedener sketched the original trophy on a cocktail napkin and the trophy is still the same today weighing 7 pounds and approx. 22 inches high.

Name game

The trophy was engraved World Professional Football Championship between 1967 and 1970. It was renamed as the Vince Lombardi Trophy in 1971 in honor of the legendary Green Bay Packers coach. He’s the same guy who quoted-“Winners never quit, and quitters never win.”

New Trophy Every Season

Every winning team in each season gets to keep its own Vince Lombardi trophy unlike hockey’s Stanley Cup that is passed on to the next winning team. This tradition is not followed in many sports.

Finishing touch

If you observe closely, you will notice that during victory ceremony the engraving reads“Vince Lombardi Trophy” and the shield along with AFC vs NFC. It is only after the completion of the ceremony that the trophy is returned to the Tiffany & Co. workshop where the winning team’s chosen art work is engraved on it.

Winning tradition

Tiffany & Co. has a long tradition crafting trophies. The first trophy crafted by the silversmith’s here was forthe Kentucky horse-racing association in 1860. Among the most prestigious tournaments for which Tiffany & Co. craft trophies are the Super Bowl MVP also known as the Pete Rozelle trophy, baseball’s World Series trophy, U.S. open champions silver cups and basketball’s NBA and WNBA trophies.

Who owns the most trophies?

Super Bowl Trophy

Pittsburgh Steelers hold the record for owning the most Super Bowl Championships trophies. They are proud owner of 6 trophies followed by the San Francisco 49ers and the Dallas Cowboys each with 5 trophies.

Serious Collectors

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