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If one is looking for a good iPhone game, this is the right place to check in, in the endless sea of millions of games available in the ios platform, one needs to spend a lot of time to figure out a good game. The idea of best game varies from person to person depending on his interest, needs and in what one finds pleasure in.

If you are a big time gamer, don’t just look out for options available free, there are options which bring to you some really awesome games which charge a very minimal cost.

Here we are going to talk about the Top 5 Apps for iPhone User which is worth an experience for every iPhone game lover. A new game called Bubble Pop Sniper has been launched recently and you can also try that out .. Simple click on install from the link below:

Best Iphone Game


  • It is a compelling game which offers interesting experience to users. The initial objective is to hit across all the targets in the screen which requires practice and patience
  • It is easy to play, simple yet engaging game.

A Dark Room

  • Based on the the childhood game of hide and seek this new revamped game will take you back into childhood days.
  • It is a suitable match for people who are looking for adventure and humour, but not a good choice for people who like graphics, as it is a text based game with absolutely no visuals and sounds.

Ridiculous Fishing

  • This game is all about the striking name it has. It will keep the user busy in fishing, shooting and playing for long hours.
  • Anyone who is bored of real life fishing experience can look out for this game, as it requires great patience and concentration.
  • People who are looking for action would be disappointed and might seem to get bored easily.

Super Hexagon

  • This is another interesting puzzle game which is definitely worth a play. A pattern of geometric flows flow in the screen and the task is to dodge them in.
  • It requires great presence of mind and eye hand coordination, while at the same time, it’s too time consuming. People who are looking for action or violence won’t find it interesting.


  • This is a highly interactive story telling game, and involves several characters that fit into the game frame.
  • However, the story telling is limited with the basic theme being puzzle oriented, but for people who lack patience it would be a big disappointment as the game proceeds with the story.

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