Tips and Guide

Weight Loss By Adipex

Adipex is another name for phentramine. It helps in suppressing hunger pangs by telling the brain not to eat more in layman’s language. Technically the drug will be fooling your central nervous system that you stomach is full.

This doesn’t mean you are starving your body, but you are eating smaller portions. This will prevent binge eating and piling up on calories and weight.

Who all should not use adipex

Persons suffering with high blood pressure issues, heart problems,with thyroid issues, pregnant and breast feeding mothers. Persons who consume alcohol, smoke or are into narcotic drugs.

Weight Loss By Adipex

Who it is used for

Doctors at an Ohio weight loss clinic say that people who have obesity issues and are prone to diseases such as rise in cholesterol, high blood pressure and type-2 diabetes.

Precautions to take before taking adipex

A thorough checkup by the doctor, by undergoing the prerequisite tests, check yourself for allergies, chronic health conditions, congenital ailments etc. before you plunge headlong into taking adipex pills.

it should be seen that you don’t take other dietary supplements with adipex without consulting. As adipex reacts with other substances in the supplements. Make sure that you aren’t on any MAO inhibitors.

Adipex is addictive in nature so overdosing is common problem also people who want to reduce weight overnight may take large dose, hence precautions should be taken and should not be kept near the reach ofchildren and persons below the age of sixteen.

How to ingest adipex

Adipex can be before or after food intake. It is better not break the dosages or add them up in one big dose, use as recommended on the label or by your doctor. It better to take your people during the day as it may affect your sleep pattern. The duration of medication is only for a few weeks and not should not exceed the recommended time period. The tapering of the dosages is highly recommended and sudden stoppage would cause for withdrawal symptoms.

The medication should be stored away from heat and moisture.

Why adipex should be recommended by doctors

Without a prescription you will not be able to buy the drug, as it is not a over the counter drug. Since it is a highly addictive drug and has serious side effects, hence only doctors can prescribe it for genuine weight issues.

Due to the complications of taking and acquiring the drug without prescription, it is best recommended to take the doctor’s advice.

Certain states have not allowed the procurement of adipex as the people who get hold of the drug in unscrupulous manner may cause serious health concerns, hence to stop the people from illegally getting hold of the drug, the doctor’s prescription is a must.

The doctor will definitely know your health conditions and history of ailments, hence will know the right dosage and for how long you should take adipex, so that you don’t get addicted to it.

The doctor will also recommend you the right diet and exercise to follow up with your intake of adipex which, if followed per se will guarantee a the required weight loss.